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Rules for the 2022 Club X Xenia Tornado Memorial

Tournament Contacts: Tournament Director, Bob Glaser,

Main Tournament Headquarters will be located at the Hobson Freedom Park Complex during the tournament.

This Tournament is open to currently registered USSF league or association teams and Federation affiliated teams. For U16 and older teams, a maximum of 22 players may be carded but only 18 may dress for at any match.
For U13-U15 divisions, the maximum number of players on a team shall be 18 and the minimum number of players shall be 12.
For U11, and U12 9v9 divisions, the maximum number of players on a team shall be 16 and the minimum number of players shall be 10.
For U8, U9 and U10 7v7 divisions, the maximum number of players on a team shall be 12 and the minimum number of players shall be 8.
All teams must be currently registered and in good standing with their state, national, or provincial association, and hold a valid USSF player pass or it's equivalent from a Federation affiliated association for the current seasonal year. Passes will be inspected prior to the start each game. A maximum of two (2) guest players may be used for the U9 age groups. A maximum of four (4) guest players for U10 and above may be added to the official league or association roster up to the maximum number of players as stated above. No player may be allowed to register with more than one team or switch to another team after a team has been registered at the check in. Travel permission forms must be filed by all teams outside of the Ohio South District. No players will be permitted in ANY circumstance to play for more than one team in the tournament. If a player is found to be participating in play with more than one team in the tournament, the team will forfeit their game and any opportunity at advancing in tournament play. No U7 or younger players are permitted to play in any age group.

Team Acceptance
All teams will be notified of acceptance once the deadline has passed and will be required to confirm acceptance within 3 days. If a team does not confirm acceptance within the 3 days, the tournament director may replace the team with another team. Bracketing and scheduling will not begin until ALL teams confirm acceptance. After team acceptance, any team dropping out of the tournament will forfeit their entire entry fee.

All youth teams will determine their ages per the USSF/USYS age guidelines effective September 1, 1991. Age of a player will be determined as of August 1 to determine
eligibility for a particular age group.

Online Registration (REQUIRED OF ALL TEAMS)-Deadline Monday April 1st, 2022

ALL team are required to use the ONLINE check-in- DEADLINE IS Tuesday 19,
Team name and division in the Subject line and Emailing to If you are unable to meet this requirement you will need to contact the tournament director for arrangements. You may not just show up Saturday AM and register your team.

1. Create email to 2. Attach your COMPLETE entry packet to an email with the subject line: Being your team name and your team ID# CLUBX……….. Your email will not be accepted unless the team name and team ID # are on the subject line. 3. You will receive an email stating your check-in is complete if there are no missing items. 4. DO NOT use this email to communicate any further details, they will not be noted.
What to include in your online check-in:
*Copy of Player cards, guest player cards, and coach cards
*Copy of official stamped player roster and official guest player roster approved by your association
*Tournament Liability Release Form
*Concussion Agreement Form (Signed by coaches) Certificate must be in coach possession at all times during tournament play.
*Copy of Medical Release form for each player and guest player (Okay to use USYSA Membership Form)
*Emergency team contact information sheet
*Permission to travel (if outside of Ohio South)

At Game Check In

All teams will be required to check in at the game site 30 minutes before each scheduled game with the tournament field marshal. Player cards will be checked at the time of each game, turned over to the Referee and retained by the Referee until the completion of the game. Player shirt numbers shall not be duplicated.

Home teams are listed first on the game schedule and the home team will be required to
change uniform shirts if in the opinion of the Referee there is a conflict of colors.

Home teams shall provide an appropriate approved game ball for each game, which will be returned upon completion of the game. The Referee shall determine if the game ball is accepted for play.

The Tournament Director will determine which side of the field is for players and which is for spectators. No one is permitted to position themselves behind the goals or on the goal line. No one other than the teams carded coaches and players should be on the player's side of the field.


Any team failing to field the required number of players to compete in a match as defined in the FIFA Laws of the Game, at the scheduled game time, failing to complete a match, or leaving the field during a match without having been directed to do so by the Referee or a tournament official shall forfeit the match. Coaches may agree before play to equally reduce players on field to make fare play but must be in writing on score card and agreed before the start of the match. If both coaches are not in agreement, then the game is awarded by forfeit. No team that has forfeited a match will move on to compete in a final or be declared a group winner. The team winning by a forfeit will be awarded the average number of goals scored in all of it's other games (rounded down) but not less than one (1) should said team not have scored in any of it's other games. The opponent's score shall be zero (0). This score will be the official score for determining goal differential if necessary to break a tie. The Tournament Director reserves the right to determine all matters regarding forfeits.

Laws of the Game

International rules (FIFA/USSF) shall apply with the following exceptions: A. This Tournament being a friendly club tournament unlimited substitutions are permitted for all age brackets U8 thru U19. All substitutions must be made at the midfield line. B. Substitutions may be made with the consent of the Referee, specifically including the following: 1. After a goal by either team. 2. Before any goal kick. 3. Before a throw in by either team provided the team taking the throw in is making a substitution on the throw in. 4. At the beginning of any period of play. 5. After any injury by either team provided the Referee has stopped play. 6. After a caution, the cautioned player may be substituted for and any other substitutions may be made by either team. 7. At any other stoppage of play as determined by the Referee. C. Minimum number of players required to play a game shall be determined by FIFA rules.

Special offsides rule for U8-U10 7 v 7 ONLY: For a player to be offside he/she must be in a "flagrant" offside position and trying to gain an advantage from such offside position, when the ball is played to him/her. Specific circumstances shall dictate the referee's call. Particularly in the U8-U9 age group as they are learning. For example, a referee might decline to consider a player offside if he/she was
making a run that resulted in being in an offside position by two or three steps. However, a player continuously two or three steps in an offside position could be construed to be trying to gain an advantage by being there and could be called for unsporting behavior. All calls are at the referee's discretion. Offside rules vary from different areas of Ohio and the United States. The offside rules above are final for the Tornado Memorial Tournament. Do not complain to the referee about off-sides. Any questions should be directed to the Referee Assignor on site.

Tournament Format and Match Length

The Tournament shall be made up of divisions broken down by age group and bracketed into groups of 4, 6, or 8 teams. Teams will play three preliminary games and the top team from each side of the group as determined by the point system below shall play a final game for the championship. Groups of 4 teams will advance both the Group Winner and Runner Up to a championship game. This system is subject to change depending on the number of teams accepted and will be final prior to tournament registration. Tournament director and referee assignor will dictate final bracketing and grouping.

Each team will play a minimum of three games in the tournament and a maximum of three games in any one day. If cancellation of a round is due to weather, no refund will be considered.

U8, U9, and U10 games will be played in two twenty-five (25) minute halves. U11 and U12 games will be played in two thirty (30) minute halves, and U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18, U19 games will be played in two thirty- (30) minute halves. The Tournament Director may shorten the length of any games due to weather or if playing field conditions becoming unsafe. All game changes or shortening of play will be made by the tournament director and referee assignor. Any refunds will be the sole decision of the tournament,


Any weather delays will be announced tournament wide. Should there be bad weather early Saturday or Sunday AM, the tournament website will have delays posted and tournament officials will make any announcement as to any delays. Each team is required to give a team contact phone number at check-in in the event tournament staff needs to contact the coach.


It shall be the responsibility of both coaches to insure that the correct score has been reported correctly to the tournament headquarters within one hour of the completion of the game. Game cards are turned in with coaches initials. We go by those scores. Failure to do so will result in the score being recorded as reported by the Referee. A representative of each team shall verify the score and sign the referee's game card at the conclusion of each game. Referee shall record the game score and any ejections on the game card and turn it in to the Field Marshall who will deliver it to the tournament headquarters.


We will attempt to use the three-man system of control for all games U11 and above. U8-U10 teams may have 1 referee. Only USSF certified referees in good standing will be used. It shall be the Referee's responsibility to report any ejections to the tournament headquarters by writing them on the game report card and collecting the player or coach card to turn into headquarters.


In accordance with FIFA and USSF policy there shall be no dissent shown either by action or by word from any player or coach to a call made by the Referee or the Assistant Referees. Questioning a Referee or Assistant Referees call is considered dissent. Coaches are responsible for the actions of their players/fans and are expected to demand their support in monitoring/enforcing this policy. Coaches may be instructed to deal with any player or fan that violates this rule regarding dissent. Failure of the coach to control the teams players/fans after being requested to do so may result in an ejection from the game and forfeiture of the match in progress. Asking for the assistance of the coach in controlling a player or fan does not limit the right of the Referee or tournament officials from taking direct action to remove any person from the playing area who acts in a manner that is unacceptable to the Referee or tournament officials.

Any coach or player ejected from a match will be ineligible for at least the next scheduled match. Actual length of any suspension will be determined by the Tournament Director depending on the seriousness of the offense, suspension from the remainder of the tournament or future tournaments hosted by Club X Soccer, Inc. Pursuant to FIFA and USSF rules there will be no substitution for an ejected player for the remainder of the current game. Player or coach's cards will be held until the suspension has been served. In cases of more serious nature the player or coach's card will be held after the tournament and turned over to the league or sanctioning body of that team for further action at their discretion. Players ejected from a match shall remain in the team bench area under the direct supervision of the team coach. Further disruption of the game by the ejected player will result in forfeiture of the match. Coaches ejected from the match shall leave the game field area and have no further contact with the team during that match or any subsequent match from which he/she is suspended. If the ejection of the coach leaves the team without a coach carded to that team to direct the team from the sideline then the game shall be halted and declared a forfeit.

For all teams from the United States any disciplinary action taken against a team, player, or coach shall be reported to that teams Federation Organization by the Tournament Director.

All coaches must remain within their coaching area unless summoned onto the field by the Referee in the case of an injury. The coaching area is defined as an area between the 18yard line and a line 10 yards from the midfield line. Teams can have no more than three coaches in the team area. All spectators must be on the opposite side of the field.

Standings and Tie Breakers

Each team will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and no points for a loss. In the event of a tie in group standings, the following procedure will be used to determine the winner. A. Team with the most points.
B. Team with the most wins. C. Winner of the game between the tied teams. If three or more teams are tied this step will not be used. Proceed to (D) below. D. Highest net goal differential. (Goals scored minus goals allowed), per game totaled. Maximum goal differential per game is three. D. Fewest goals allowed in all games totaled. E. Penalty kicks pursuant to FIFA rules.

The selection of a wildcard team if required shall be determined as follows: A-1. Non-Group winner with the most total points. B-1. Non-Group winner with the most wins. C-1. Winner of the game played between the tied teams. If three or more teams are tied this step will not be used. Proceed to (D) below. D-1. Highest net goal differential. See (D) above. E-1. Fewest goals allowed totaled. F-1. Penalty kicks pursuant to FIFA rules. Placement of wildcard teams in semi-final games will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Placement of wildcard teams in semi-final games shall be according to the following format: Bracket A winner vs. Bracket B winner Bracket C winner vs. Wildcard team

If wildcard team is from Bracket C: Bracket A winner vs. Bracket C winner Bracket B winner vs. Wildcard team

Tie Breakers in Quarter-Final, Semi-Final or Final

In case of a tie in a semi-final or final, then two 10-minute overtime periods for all age groups shall be played to completion. No "sudden victory" will be declared. If the game is still tied after the overtime periods then penalty kicks will be used to determine the winner pursuant to FIFA rules.

Penalty Kick Procedure

FIFA rules shall apply except that any rostered player may participate except for any player who has been ejected from the match or who is serving a suspension for as previous ejection. A coin flip will determine who kicks first with the visiting team calling the flip. Five penalty kicks per team in an alternating manner. The most goals scored after the first five kicks for each team wins the match or the tiebreaker. If the game remains tied after the first five kicks, then teams will alternate kicks thereafter with players who have not yet participated in the penalty kicks until there is an unmatched goal between the teams.

Protests There are no protests, referee calls are final. Judgment calls of a Referee or Assistant Referee are not subject to a protest. Tournament Director decision shall be final and there is no appeal.

Player Equipment

1. Shin guards are required for all players and must be covered by socks. 2. No cutoffs under or in lieu of uniform shorts are permitted. 3. Jerseys are to be tucked in at all times. 4. Each team shall bring to each game at least two colors of jerseys and the home team is responsible for changing colors when in the opinion of the Referee there is a conflict. 5. No hard casts are permitted. Soft casts may be permitted at the discretion of the Referee and tournament director. Prior approval at tournament headquarters is suggested.


1. Coaches are required to bring player cards to every game.
2. If a game is temporarily suspended due to weather, field conditions or other situations beyond control, each team must check with tournament headquarters for further instructions. A game interrupted in the first half will resume play from the point where the game was suspended and play the game to completion or at least until the completion of the first half. If the game can't be resumed, then no score or result will be recorded for that game. A game interrupted in the second half can resume play from the point it was stopped and play the game to full completion, or can be recorded as a complete game with the score at the point the game was stopped at the discretion of the tournament officials.
3. The Tournament Director's interpretation of the foregoing rules and regulations shall be final.
4. The Tournament Director reserves the right to shorten the length of any game or games due to weather, field conditions, or for any other reason, which in the opinion of the tournament officials requires such action.
5. No refunds will be given unless the tournament is cancelled entirely. Refunds if any will be determined by the tournament committee based upon the number of games played and actual costs incurred for the conduct of the tournament up to the point of cancellation. Refunds if any will be made as soon as is practically possible and will include a breakdown of how the refund if any was determined.
6. The Tournament Director reserves the right to decide any and all matters pertaining to the Club X "Tornado Memorial" tournament including disputes over any non-referee related matters.
7. No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted at any tournament game location including parking areas. Smoking is not permitted in the immediate game field area and such materials must be removed or extinguished if so directed by a Referee or other tournament official. NO DOGS ARE PERMITTED IN THE COMPLEX AT HOBSON PARK FOR THE TOURNAMENT PER TOURNAMENT STAFF. EXCEPTION FOR SERVICE DOGS ONLY.
8. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated by officials or the tournament staff. You will be asked to leave the complex if deemed necessary by the tournament staff.
9. The Tournament Director reserves the right to modify game times, remove a player from play due to injury and require a player to comply with concussion laws and return to play requirements.
10. Every effort will be made to maintain age brackets as listed on tournament website. In regard to High School age teams, there is the possibility that groupings may be combined such as U14/15 , U17/18, or U18/U19 depending on the mix of teams and levels of play.


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